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"If god is in the details, then this RT-ES pre/power system should provide more than a few religious experiences..."
Jason Kennedy Hifi Choice The Collection issue Summer 2006
Am Technology is a Design and Manufacturing company that specialise in bespoke PCB and electro-mechanical assemblies.  Our facility are in  London  employing  large skill group of people.   The company is run by music enthusiasts who viewed the entry into the high-end hifi world as a logical step that will allow the experience and knowledge that was acquired while building and designing bespoke boards and electro mechanical sub assemblies which adhere to high standards and tolerances.  Our first product the Am-EA2  Stereo amplifier was followed by the Am-EA1 monoblock amplifiers and more recently by the Am- ESpre line level pre amplifier.

In addition to the Am-EA1 monoblocks, Am-EA2 stereo amplifier, and the ground breaking Am-ESpre line level pre amplifier that are manufactured by Am Technology Ltd in it’s London facility, Am Technology is also the U.K distributor for Harmonic Technology cables and the legendary Aurios classic bearing  isolation model.

The Harmonic Technology’s revolutionary "Cyberlight" interconnect and  Aurios "Classic bearings" have been noted by reviewers around the world as some of the most distinguished products in their class and have been featured in the prestigious “stereophile” list of products of the year.  As a result  Am Technology is able to provide an even wider scope and ability for end users to tune their home system for the individual  and idiosyncratic that can sometimes effect the quality of the sound in the  room that their system occupies.   


The exceptional qualities and high standards of the amplifiers, cables and isolation bearings models are only a part of what makes our company stand out.  We have taken great care to avail discerning music lovers a path to ownership which puts people first and offer flexibility, ease of  access to information, and pride of ownership. We invite you to get in touch and discover Ram technology and how our range of products can enhance the way music is presented in your home.  At  Ram Technology we are  committed to providing our clients a service that combines dignity and respect, we are looking forward to address individual solutions to each customers specific needs, wishes and tastes.